How to Jailbreak Android

Four easy steps to Jailbreak Android
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Ready to Jailbreak your Android?

When it comes to finding out what kind of technology users you are, there are only 2 possible classes that you can fit into – the users who follow trends and the users who set them and stay one step ahead of the rest of the market. If you are an Android enthusiast who identifies himself as the latter of the two, you may be quite familiar with the concept of rooting or jailbreaking your Android device. However, you will be surprised to know that jailbreaking smartphones isn’t necessarily the hobby of advanced programmers and hackers, but it can easily be adopted by common users who want to use their device to its full potential.

Rooting or jailbreaking your Android device is a process through which you can attain superuser or root-level access and have total administrative power over your OS. Most mobile carriers enforce a series of limitations on the stock versions of your Android devices, which prevent you from having full access to your system settings and alter them. A jailbroken Android smartphone or tablet allows you to fully optimize and customize your device as per your wishes.

Most Android users are often reluctant to jailbreak their devices because of complex multi-step jailbreaking procedures and the problem of voiding their warranty. Thanks to One Click Root, jailbreaking your Android device is easier than ever. It is a one-step process that can be executed within a few seconds and is completely reversible. One Click Root is also the only rooting software in the market to offer a 100% safety guarantee against any kind of rooting-related malfunction.

Once you have finished jailbreaking your Android device using One Click Root, you can now overcome a variety of performance-hindering limitations based on your device’s hardware prowess and customize its UI to perfection. One of the primary ways to achieve this is to download and run any one of the super-nifty custom ROMs available such as MIUI, CyanogenMod, AOKP, etc. to polish up your standard user interface and make it much more efficient.

Jailbroken Android phones also have complete access to a plethora of amazing apps that were previously unavailable for use due to their criteria of requiring root-level access. These root-exclusive apps allow you to take your Android experience to the next level by letting you execute tons of cool upgrades like enhance processor speed, run 3D games, permanently block ads, extend battery life, create full data backups, eliminate bloatware, use your device as a free Wi-Fi hotspot, schedule tasks, customize lockscreens, and many more important features. Some of the vital root-exclusive apps that you must install on your jailbroken Android device are Titanium Backup, SetCPU, Adfree, Chainfire 3D, Wireless Tether, Tasker, WidgetLocker and Root Explorer.

Jailbreaking your Android device is one of the most important boons offered by the open source Android platform that will help transform your ‘Bland’roid into a real Android supersmartphone. For those prepared to enter the incredible realm of Android custom ROMs and root-only apps, One Click Root is the ideal rooting solution to get you there. It is the simplest, fastest and safest universal rooting solution for the Android platform.